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Rio on My Mind

The sea, beaches and mountains make Rio a beautiful city. The Carioca?s make it a friendly city. Twelve million inhabitants make it a vibrant city. All this combines makes it the ?cidade maravilhosa?.

One year will give me the time to explore it all. From Fla-Flu in the Maraca?a stadium to Jorge Arag?o in the Canecao and carnival in the Sambadrome. Here I will tell everything that makes this experiences different from what I?m used to. But also what daily life is like for a temporary carioca.

If you wonder what life is like for a Brazilian student or how to find an apartment in Rio. I hope I can tell you soon. What?s the difference between a Rio gym and one in Amsterdam? And where should you go to party with the Carioca?s. All this and more you can find here in the near future.

So come and check every week, to see what happened to me.